Individual Entrepreneurial Profile


Who uses the Individual Entrepreneurial Profile (IEP)?


The IEP is a tool that is useful for two categories of entrepreneurship stakeholders:

  1.  The IEP

Potential and early-stage entrepreneurs use the IEP  to understand their weaknesses and strengths at that level. This category of users is able to view their profiles and each dimension’s score right after completing the exercise. For the best results, entrepreneurs must be authentic and true to themselves. If you doubt something, or if you feel like you are less than 60% aware of something, don’t approve that you are aware of it. This will later harm your learning and development journey.


  1.  Entrepreneurs’ Coaches, Mentors & advisors  

This category of users will only see the information shared to them by the individual entrepreneur who will have finished going through the exercise. 

Benefits of the IEP: It helps early stage entrepreneurs stop wasting their time on areas and things that don’t really matter at the very early stage of building a startup.

What is the IEP, and What Does it Do?


The BizSkills Academy IEP is a coaching and mentorship tool developed by BizSkills Academy to help both potential and early-stage entrepreneurs understand their individual entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. 


This tool consists of 11 dimensions. These 11 dimensions represent the basic and most important aspects of a balanced and ready early stage entrepreneur. After answering all the questions, we will provide you with the results of your profile so you know how and where to improve.


What are the key 11 Dimensions at the very early-stage journey of your entrepreneurship journey?


  1. Idea

  2. Timing

  3. Skills

  4. Concept

  5. Market plan

  6. MVP

  7. Revenue Potential

  8. Competition

  9. Team

  10. BMC

  11. Financial Model


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